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Books I Have Read In 2015!

It has long been a goal of mine to read 1 book per month for an entire year. Every year I have really great intentions, but never actually get to a place where I intentionally set aside the time to read. I’m learning that I need time for personal development. And so do you. If you aren’t making time, start making the time.

At this point in 2015, 4 books are in my rear view mirror with many more ahead of me. I wanted to share the books that I have read so far this year. This is not intended to be a review of each book, although that might be a great future post, it is simply a list of where I’m at so far and what is immediately in front of me.

Done Reading |



[No More Dragons – Jim Burgen]

Real life ministry book. Don’t read if dirt under your finger nails makes you queazy.









[Give God Some Credit – Brett Andrews]

The story of New Life Christian Church











[United Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity – Trillia Newbell]

For those with a passion for racial reconciliation.












[Finding Your Way Back To God – Dave & Jon Ferguson]

For whatever reason you may have become disconnected from God, this book helps you find your way back.





Up Next |




[Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass – Frederick Douglass]








[Ready. Set. Grow. – Scott Wilson]







[The Cost of Discipleship – Dietrich Bonhoeffer]







[The Master Plan of Evangelism – Robert Coleman]





So that’s what I have read so far and what’s up next. What are you reading? What are your other suggestions for books to read this year?

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