It’s Time To Ask!

There is this pretty cool verse over in James 4:2.  It says this…

…you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it.

Could life really be that simple?  Could it be that so much of our struggle in life is because we simply try to do it on our own and we don’t ask God to intervene?

Just ask

I was thinking about this in the context of ministry and church life.  Instead of complaining that I don’t have enough volunteers, I’m starting to ask people to volunteer.  It’s an amazing concept, I know.  As a staff at New Life, we are asking God to change people’s lives and that He would lead people to baptism.  I know, crazy huh?  Ask God to intervene in “our” work.  The best part, seeing so many changes in people’s lives the minute we start asking for it.  We have seen God do some very cool things.  I’ll save some of those stories for another post.

I love how simple this concept really is.  My oldest son, Grant, was at a friend’s to hang out.  He is nine years old and started a very interesting conversation with the mother of his friend.  He simply said, “What religion are you?”  She said, “I was raised Buddhist, but my parents never pushed it on me.”  So Grant said, “Then what are you?”  She replied, “Well, my husband was raised Christian, so I guess we’re just floating right now.”  Grant simply said, “Oh, well you should come to my church sometime.”

I don’t know if she will take him up on the offer, but I think sometimes we don’t have, because we simply don’t ask.  Are you as a minister taking time to ask God to intervene in people’s lives?  Are you as a minister taking time to ask people to get more involved?  Are you simply asking the question?

I am striving harder to ask both of these questions.  I am asking God to change people’s hearts because I know I can’t.  I am also starting to simply ask people to get more involved.  It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with a simple ask.

So who do you need to ask?

Do you need to ask God to do the hard work of changing people’s lives?

Do you need to ask a neighbor to come to church?

Do you need to ask someone in your ministry to step it up?

It is God who is able to do more than we can possibly ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).  But, at the very least…

It’s time to ask!


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  1. when i lived and worked in china, i remember praying to God, asking him to use his mighty hand to draw people to him — and hoping just that i could be a small part. i was able to be involved in over 20 people coming to know Christ and in 3 -4 small house churches starting.

    it occurred to me a couple of months ago that i’ve not been praying those kinds of prayers here in tanzania. i feel pretty foolish. and great things have happened in only the last month or so after i started praying like that again.

    great post.

    • Thanks. And thanks for your honesty. I have felt the same way where I’m at. Why haven’t I been praying for that all along? Seems like I missed out on some special things God might want to do. Back on though and praying hard for God to do His thing. Love seeing pictures from Tanzania and reading your story. Keep up the great work!

  2. Good thoughts Stan. I too have come to realize that to ask for volunteers is not cutting it these days. You have to ask people to get directly involved. For example, we do not have small groups. but i am doing a series on “Signs” beginning in September. This past Sunday I asked people who would like to help develop the studies to see me. You guessed it: no takers. But I have decided to pray and then ask certain people. I have to learn to ask…God and man.

    • Good point, Bill. Pray for God to open your eyes to who He has in mind. Pray for them that their heart will be ready. Then, drop the bomb, I mean ask the question. =) I have seen great things already by doing that. Hope your series in September goes well. Peace.

  3. Hello Stan,
    Bill Hybels wrote a great book about getting volunteers its title is Volunteer Revolution, you might enjoy it.

    I’ve found their are a lot of people who will serve you or help if you ask them. They are just waiting for the invite. This is where taking the lead and asking applies. Because its only through asking that we will receive. I love what James said about asking.

    Great points

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