So, you might be thinking to yourself, “Where has Stan been?”  Well, I’m still alive.  That’s a good start (at least for some of you I guess).

The real question is, why haven’t you blogged in 3 months (or however long it has been)?  The answer is a good one.  You’re never going to believe this.  I…have…been…freaking…busy!!!

That’s right folks, my answer to my weird absence is, I’m busy.

However, in the midst of my crazy, busy start to a summer, I have found a few minutes to touch base with you about something that has absolutely been annoying me for quite some time.  That’s right, you don’t hear from me for months, and the first thing I say is, “I’m annoyed.”  Sorry for the negativity, it’s just where I am.

Over the last few weeks I have been flipping through radio stations where I live in Northern Virginia.  Let me just say, there’s nothing good on.  I want to make sure you understand my sentiment, that even includes “positive” radio.  Yeah, you know them.  The “Christianese” guys on the radio who don’t say they’re Christian, but they’re just so “positive.”  In other words, there isn’t much on.

Here’s where I think God is trying to tell me something.  I turned on the radio (yes, I hear you.  I need an iPad to listen to Pandora while cruising the highway.  I totally agree with you.) when I got in the car and started flipping through stations.  One of the first stations I landed on had a caller on the line.  It was a lady.  I missed the context, but didn’t take me long to pick up where they were.  Not a quote, but this was her story…

Yeah, I do that all the time.  One time, I asked my boyfriend if he minded if I flashed an attendant so we could get free parking.

Of course, I changed that station, only to find another talking about this…

Well, I just think you should do whatever makes you feel good and happy.  Maybe you shouldn’t be with your husband if he doesn’t make you happy.  You need to follow your heart girl, and do what feels right.

And still another…

The only way to be happy is to find it within yourself.  You’ve just got to look inside of you.

At this point, I had all but given up on humanity.  And radio in the DMV.  Here’s what God is telling me in my search for something decent to listen to on the radio…

  • Humanity is broken and we desperately need to be fixed healed.
  • The worldview that many people are living by is leading them to heartbreaking decisions and a painful existence.
  • When it comes to Northern Virginia, I need to help people develop a biblical worldview.

Here’s where you come in.  I would love to hear what you are doing in your ministry, para-church or other organization, to help people develop a worldview that will actually make an eternal difference in their lives.

Everyone lives by some worldview.  How are you helping connect people to a biblical one?


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  1. Hey Stan. It is a late Friday night, way past my bedtime, but my bride is in Ohio so I doing some blogging for next week since I will be out of town. Just wanted to say it is good to see you back (especially after I mention you next week). 🙂 Nothing else to add. Just wanted to say hi.

  2. Stan — I appreciated your post and have often been saddened by the same sort of talk on radio and TV. What I’ve done is start an effort to have people go through The Truth Project which is a great life group type DVD series which addresses worldview issues. I know you would like it and highly recommend that you get a pilot group going for your campus. Will be happy to share more about it if you’re interested. <

  3. I have been to many churches both nondenominational and fairly established denominations, and this is what I have found missing, I guess you could say, or just some thoughts on it.
    To develop a biblical view, you have to know the Bible. To develop a Godly view, you have to know God. And there is a difference between knowing someone/something and knowing ABOUT someone/something. I think a lot of it comes down to Christian Education and actually pulling out the Bible and studying it, whether in a group or individually. I am hesitant to use the phrase “spiritual disciplines”, but I think there is not a lot of understanding or practice within the church as there used to be.
    I think churches are great with bringing people into the church, introducing them to Christ, and getting them involved. But I do think we aren’t so great at discipleship and education. It doesn’t always seem to go beyond the “introductions” to the heart of it.
    If the church has Sunday School, it’s mostly for kids and rarely for adults. When it is for adults, many times the group will study a book that’s not in the Bible, which is fine at times. But I have found few places that study a book of the Bible, going through chapter by chapter or whatever. I think there should be more of a balance there. In general, I have seen a lack of Biblical literacy. Many churches have replaced adult Sunday School with small groups throughout the week. But what I have found in those small groups is that it is “baby Christians” leading “baby Christians”. The more mature Christians are expected to always lead those groups and to serve, but then where do they get fed? Learning about God, developing a relationship with God, developing a biblical/Godly worldview…all are life-long pursuits.
    And I’ll stop there. Not ALL churches are as I have described, but it seems to be about average of what I’ve found in the past few years.
    Anyways, I don’t know if this helps or not. Just food for thought more than anything. Have a great week!

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