Exponential Conference 2011!


Today was an amazing day!  The opportunities to learn were amazing and the chance to meet some very cool people is simply fun.

I sat amazed today.  A large stage filled with speakers who are inspiring in the church world.  Names like; Alan Hirsch, Francis Chan, Matt Carter, Neil Cole, Ed Stetzer and more.  There aren’t many things that are obvious to me, but one very clear thing slammed into my face today; God is amazing!

God has blessed me beyond what I deserve and I’m so thankful to Him for all He is allowing me to see, learn and do.  I pray that I will be wise and use His grace to reach as many people for Christ as I possibly can.

As I listened to many speakers today, here are a couple of things that I picked up.

  1. “Everywhere you go, that’s where the church is!”  -Rob Wegner, Granger Community Church
  2. “If you want a disciple making movement, you have to have the Lord’s blessing!”  -Jim Putman, Real Life Ministries
  3. “Don’t plant churches.  Plant Jesus!”  -Neil Cole, CMA Resources

When all was said and done, I developed a challenge for myself.  I’m not going to tell you what that is just yet.  Maybe some day.  For now, it’s a personal challenge that God and I are working on.  I believe that God is up to something big.  And I hope He has in mind to allow me to be even a small part of it.

And today also held a few fun surprises.  It was very cool to sit in a room with 75 church leaders and planters from around the country and world, to listen to Rick Warren share some inspiring vision stuff for the church.  It was also fun to shoot a video with him.  No, really.

I’m very excited about what God is doing through church planting.

I’m very excited that I get to work closely with people who are doing some really cool things.

I am humbled that God even lets me near this stuff.

Typically, I’m scared I’ll just mess it up.  Which is very likely.

Thanks again, God, for being so gracious to me.

And thanks to all those who have made this conference possible.

What are some of your favorite things, that you have learned at different conferences, classes, seminars, books, etc?

What pieces of knowledge have been the most valuable for you in ministry?


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  1. Sounds like a great conference Stan. Can’t wait to hear what you and God are cooking up. I have been to so many in my years that I can’t possibly single anything out. I am looking forward to theSticks in October since I was blessed to have attended the first one in Loudonville. I can say that I have enjoyed Craig Groeschel & Andy Stanley at CatalystOneDay the past two years.

  2. Great! But don’t be afraid that you’ll mess anything up. As I heard Beth Moore say in her Believing God study: “I was so afraid that I would fail God, but then He said, ‘*I* will NOT fail YOU.'” Glad you had a great experience at Exponential.

  3. Ron VanderGriend

    It was cool to sit in a room on Friday with 75 church leaders and planters from around the country and world, but I did not feel much inspiration, rather I was very troubled by the boasting.

    • I agree with you, Ron. I did struggle with that as well. I didn’t want to post that part in my blog, but I do agree with you. The vision stuff was huge and exciting however.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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