Exponential Conference 2011!

Exponential Conference

The day started bright and early at 5:10 am today.  Getting ready quickly, I joined the rest of the New Life Christian Church team at the nZone.  From there it was off to the airport, onto a Jet Blue flight and in Orlando, Florida before 11:00 am.

We are here for the Exponential Conference.  It’s an amazing church planters conference that brings together multiple church plant organizations.  This year features Matt Chandler, Francis Chan and Alan Hirsch.

I’m so stoked to be here.  I’ll be posting a lot of my thoughts throughout the day on Facebook & Twitter.  I’ll also try to update this blog with some other thoughts toward the end of each day.  Check back for all the great stuff happening at Exponential 2011.


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  1. Great to be here at Exponential with you. Ron <

  2. I would be a fish out of water there Stan since I did not plant, nor am I a church planter. I would love to hear those speakers though. WOW! I plan to attend theSticks in October in Spartansburg. have already registered in fact. Do you plan to be there? ‘Course I reckon you are not in a church in a small town. LOL Hope all goes well.

    • Even if you don’t plant, there is a lot of networking and relationship building that happens. It’s a great conference. And no, DC is not a very small place. There are a few people who live here. =) But I’ve been in rural towns for the previous 8 years. Hope you have a great time at the conference.

  3. had given some thought to it but $$$ became the deciding factor. florida sounds good about now as we enjoy monsoon season here in indiana. I think it has rained for 40 straight days. and not just sprinkles.

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