Just “Like” The Update Already!

Social mediaSince last Wednesday, I have been fasting from social media.  I have given up Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and more for Lent.  This has turned out to be a great decision for me personally!  I am finding myself with so much more time for more meaningful things.  With the exception of a few moments, I really haven’t missed social media that much.  To be honest, I really needed to contact someone the other day and I thought I could get their info from Facebook.  Instead of logging on, I chose to email someone who could give me their info.  It was a close call.

I’m not being legalistic about my decision, but I do want to honor the promise I have made to God as well.  It seems as if things are going the right direction.  I feel like things are clearing up for me.  Now that I have given God more of my time, it feels as if He is trying to capitalize on it.  I don’t believe I have all the answers and I certainly don’t believe I have arrived at some state of spiritual nirvana from which I can go no higher, but I do believe God is showing me some things.

I believe that social media is here to stay.  It may not always exist in its current form, but I think that social media in some form will be with us for a very long time.  That being said, God is the Beginning and the End.  God existed before social media and will continue to exist long after its gone.  God is showing me that social media can be a tool for ministry and that’s it.  Just a tool.  Social media is not life.  It is not the cure all for what ails you.  Social media when used properly, can be a great tool for connecting, networking and even caring for people you know.  But sometimes I act as if social media is somehow life.  That somehow my worthiness is wrapped up in how many people comment on a picture or “like” a status update.  If people don’t RT me, somehow I’m less of a man.  But this simply isn’t true.

God created me with a purpose.  He has big plans for me, plans that He designed for me (and for you) before I was even born (Ephesians 2:10).  And social media is not the plan.  It might be a tool that goes along with the plan, but it isn’t the plan!  I’m going to continue seeking God’s face and clinging to Him in times when social media used to reign supreme.  And in those moments I will wait to see what God has in store.

How is Lent going for you?

What are you learning?


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  1. Hey man, this is really cool.

    I too am a Christian who struggles with spending too much time on Facebook and things, and what you’re doing is awesome. God loves your sacrifice, and that sacrifice is worth so much more to Him when it is a difficult one.

    Good on you,

  2. what’s four square?

    I think social media can be great, but like most things can be taken in a crazy direction. Glad to hear you are enjoying your time away from it.

    • FourSquare is basically a social media app used to check-in at different locations. I can check in at a Starbucks, see who else has checked in there, read tips on great drinks or service there. It even allows you to interact, add people as friends, follow their check-ins and get tips on places to go while on a vacation, where to eat, sights to see, etc. It’s a lot of fun, but I gave it up too. And I agree with you, it can take you in directions you didn’t necessarily intend. I am really glad I chose to do this as well.

    • The fun part on foursquare is you can see where your friends are. Be mayor. And get badges

  3. i was just getting ready to ask what Charlie did. The only Foursquare I know is the denomination. LOL I am glad, that other than blogging, I have not even started using social media. I am a dinosaur but least I am not fighting more of a time crunch than I already do. I haves quietly given up ice cream for the time being. I miss it at night but needed to slow down eating it. 🙂 Glad you are benefiting from the split.

    • One of my D group guys gave up sweets. That would have been tougher than social media I think. hahah And don’t worry about not getting too involved in social media, Bill. It has good points, but like all things has its negatives as well.

      And yeah, what does Charlie do? Based on his picture, I’m going North Carolina, surfer dude. =) Your turn, Charlie. hahah

      • I was referring to his question about Foursquare. Sorry for the incomplete sentence. I believe Charlie is a counselor in drug rehab. Or maybe he is the North Carolina surfer dude.

      • Oh! Well, I should be careful when I tease. If that’s true, then Charlie is out there on the front lines. That’s awesome! I’ll have to talk to him some more. I’d love to hear that story.

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