Top 5!

I wanted to “interrupt” this blog to share with you my “Top 5” Super Bowl commercials from this year.  Why would I do such a thing?  Well, because when I registered my blog at WordPress, I didn’t give you the password.  This means, I get to interrupt my blog any time I want for fun stuff like this.  Plus, I couldn’t choose just one this year.  I liked a lot of them.  So, without further adieu, I present to you my “Top 5” favorite, Super Bowl commercials from Super Bowl 45.

#5 – NFL Best Fans Ever!

#4 – Doritos – House Sitting!

#3 – Snickers – Logging!

#2 – Volkswagen – The Force!

#1 – Chrysler – Imported from Detroit!


There you have it.  My top 5, favorite Super Bowl commercials from this year.

Let me know what you think.

Which ones were your favorites?


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  1. I agree with your #1 choice….I loved the message! Not sure I have a top 5, but I would say the Chevy Camaro one also with the two guys narrating…school teacher. Funny stuff.

    • Yeah, that one was funny too. I like them when they’re creative as well. That’s why the GoDaddy/Budweiser/etc. weren’t any good this year. It’s just the same old thing. Well, I don’t like GoDaddy for other reasons as well, but you know what I mean. hahah

  2. Our #1 fave was the Chrysler one too!

  3. I loved the Darth commercial, super cute 🙂

  4. didn’t see the snickers one, but I really loved the NFL one with all the old shows. Didn’t really make up for all the terrible commercials churned out this year though, I was stunned companies spent MILLIONS for some of that dribble.

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