Fantasy Church!

Fantasy FootballIt’s that time of year again when all the would-be athletes come out to play fantasy football.  I am not above this mess of online gaming.  I, along with everyone else, want to try my hand at being the GM (General Manager) of a football team.  It’s a very exciting time.  On a small side note: I’m looking to dominate in my league this year.

This somehow prompted a funny question in my mind.  The question that came to me was this, “If church was a fantasy league, who would I pick first?”  Okay, now I know this might be strange, but bear with me.  As you look out over the landscape of churches with all their mixes of colors, styles and sizes, who would you pick first?  Put yourself in the position of a church plant, management team.  You are in charge of picking a winning team.  Consider for yourself the style of church this will be and where it will be located.  You have to give this church the best chance to succeed.  Who are you picking?

Let’s get detailed.

Lead Pastor?

Worship Pastor?

Community Outreach Pastor?


Let me see what kind of “dream team” you would love to assemble to plant a church.  Don’t mess this up.  It’s only eternity that hangs in the balance.  =)


About Stan Rodda

Follower. Husband. Father. Shepherd. Apostle. Husker.

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