Incarnational Evangelism!

For a long time I have been a big fan of Alan Hirsch.  For me, he has a way of simplifying what we are supposed to be doing as followers of Christ.  I recently ran across a video of him, teaching about how we as the church, reach people.  To me, it was fascinating.  If you have an interest in reaching your friends for Jesus Christ, you will probably appreciate this video as well.Alan Hirsch

Before you watch the video, ask yourself, “How do I try to reach my friends with the message of Jesus?”  Do I go knocking on doors?  Do I hold up signs on the street corner warning of God’s wrath to come?  Evangelism – reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ – is no easy task.  However, many of us were taught ways to evangelize that simply don’t work anymore and this has contributed to the church being pushed further and further to the outskirts of society, allowing us to reach less and less people.  This contributes to all the research that shows the Church in America is dying.

After the video is over, ask yourself more questions.  Questions like, “How can I be more incarnational in my faith?”  In other words, how can I simply be more like Jesus among my friends.  “How can I take what I know about Jesus to them, into their world, in a way that means something to them?”  After all, that’s exactly what Jesus did.  John 1:14 says that Jesus became flesh and dwelt among us.  He didn’t yell at us from heaven and then just hope that we could make the leap.  He came to earth, lived among us, loved us, died for us and simply gave us an example of how to do what some call “incarnational living.”  That is simply, living like Jesus where we are.

In my humble opinion, evangelism is not about hell fire and brimstone.  Nor is it about knocking on doors.  Nor is it about protest signs and hate speeches.  It is about living like Jesus; feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, aiding the widow, loving the orphan, bringing justice to those who have none.  This is the incarnational lifestyle we need to be living, no matter where we are.

Now that you have processed all that, watch the video, then comment what you think.  Is Alan crazy?  What ideas do you have for incarnational living or evangelism?  How are you doing this in your life now and/or in your current ministry?  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

The video here.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more! You’ve given us some excellent insights into what it truly means to be a follower of Christ by asking questions like these…

    ”How can I take what I know about Jesus to them, into their world, in a way that means something to them?”

    This is the “new” direction that I see the Spirit moving in. My ideas for incarnate evangelism are expressed on my web-site

    God Bless you brother!

  2. Stan — Every Christian should put on their thinking cap and watch this video. Thanks for sharing. I will be sharing it within my SOI. <

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