The Beach – Lesson 2!

One of the days we were at the beach, the waves were extra choppy.  Most of the waves were above my head.  They weren’t “gnarly pounders” or anything, but they were fantastic for what we were doing.  I would make my way out into the waves and dive into them or ride one on an inner tube.  The power of the waves and the current of the tide was incredible.  I was reminded of how weak I really am when some of the waves tossed me around like a rag doll.Grant and me in the waves

After a brief break, I decided to head back out for more.  As I was getting pretty far out I heard a little voice say, “Hey Dad, wait up.”  I turned around to see Grant following me out into the water. He has gotten more and more brave throughout the week.  I had asked him to stay in the shallow part while I went out and hit some of the bigger waves.  He looked at me and said, “No, I’m coming with you.  Wherever you go, I’m going.”

I picked him up and we walked out to a place where I was having difficulty touching the ground.  The waves pounded in on us and I had to work really hard to keep us both above the water.  It was quite the adventure and something I don’t think either of us will forget.

I wonder how often our spiritual journeys play out that way.  God leads the way out into the deep waters.  The waves are smashing in (the biggest difference between my story and the lesson is that I’m not God and God wouldn’t have had any problem holding me up in the waves, but you get the point) and He is pointing out to where it is the most difficult.  He leads us toward risk and into places where our weakness will show.

And sometimes we are sitting on the beach, or relaxing in the shallow.  How often do we look at Him and say, “I’m going with you wherever you go.  No matter how deep or risky, I’m in.”

What is the deep or risky step of faith that maybe God is leading you toward?  You know, it might be something fairly basic.  Maybe you are feeling the pull to make church a more important part of your life.  This might be a huge step of faith for you.  Maybe you have been burned by church and Christians in the past and now you are being pulled toward church again.

Or maybe it’s a little bit bigger.  Maybe you have a neighbor who isn’t so neighborly.  And maybe God is pulling you toward building a relationship with them or even introducing them to Christ.

What about that homeless person you see on your way to work every day?  He has a specific spot on a corner and you see all of his belongings in a shopping cart.  Maybe he makes you realize that your 6,000 sq. ft. home, 3 car garage and golf membership, is really a good life.  And maybe you are beginning to feel the tug of God to come out into the deep end.  Maybe it’s time to stop and try to make that person’s life a little better.  How do you do that?  I’m not sure, but I would encourage you to follow God’s lead out into the waves.

No matter what God is leading you to do, I would challenge and encourage you to follow Him into the waves.  When you get there, He will be strong enough for both of you.  Look at the waves, see God’s extended hand inviting you into what could be the greatest adventure of your life and say, “I’m going with You.  I’m going wherever you go.  I don’t want to stay on the beach anymore, I’m ready for the waves.  Bring it on!”

What adventure is God calling you to?

Are you willing to follow Him into the waves?

Comment me and let me know your thoughts.

Lesson 3 coming soon…


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  1. I get caught up in the “What If’s”…What if we can’t pay our bills if we jump into the waves? What if He wants me to live in a hut in Africa? What if my family thinks I’m crazy (okay, I am, but that’s for another time)? What if I misunderstand God…what if He’s actually waving to the person behind me and I think He’s waving at me? What if it’s bigger than I could ever imagine? Grrr….

  2. Great Illustration. Why do I trust the shifting sand of the seabottom more than the God of the Universe. I must really trust Him in my actions and not just language. Thanks!

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