Where Are We Going?

Clark GriswoldHave you ever been on a road trip or family vacation where you weren’t really sure the driver knew where they were going?  You might hear mom say something like, “Would you stop and ask for directions?”  Or, “We’re lost, aren’t we?”  And in that moment you must take yourself to a scene, any scene, with Clark Griswold in it.  You know that feeling.  The ride is fast and furious, but we’re not really sure where it’s going.

I ran across this video clip through a Facebook link today.  Go ahead and watch it.  I’ll wait for you to get back.

So let me ask you the question, “Where are we going?”  Where is this ride going to end?  How did we get, what appears to me to be, this far down?

Do you have children?

10 years old?

7 years old?

4 years old?

Now tell me how you would react if they came home from school with a condom and some “counseling.”

I’m certain that at the end of this ride, there is nothing good waiting for us.  Someone really should stop and get some directions.  The family vacation is getting uglier by the minute.


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  1. I saw this earlier and I am so disgusted by it that I can’t even leave a comment. BUT to let you know I agree with your question…here I am.

    Schools canNOT teach or even suggest the teachings of Jesus but they can hand out condoms with a little counseling? Brilliant.

    It’s no wonder that the persecuted Church outside of the US is exploding in faith and population. They have their prayer priorities straight and we hand out condoms and kill our babies while saving whales. Nice.

    I have so much more I could say…but this makes me nauseous…

  2. Wow. This is wrong on so many levels…

    It appears that many are just fine having the Village Idiot raise their children. I, for one, am not.

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