Be A Disciple First!

In my last post, Called To Make Disciples, I wrote about the idea of discipleship being more than just creating consumers in the church.  We are called to create something more than that.  The church has fallen short in this mandate.

We have made converts.

We have created productions.

We have built thinkers.

But we have often fallen short in the disciple making department.

Before I go any further, I want everyone reading this to know, that I am no expert.  I don’t claim to have all the answers.  I am simply speaking from my own experience.

My wife can create some beautiful things.  She is unbelievably talented in so many areas.  It is nearly impossible to select from her many abilities a proper example for this blog.  And without meaning any disrespect, I want to talk about a recent meal she created.  I came home to a most glorious smell.  My senses ran away with me as I enjoyed the fragrance in the air.  We sat to eat and on my plate was a fantastic dish.  There was a chicken stir fry over rice, with Dr. Pepper to drink of course.

Now, there is no way that I could tell anyone else how to produce that meal.  Why?  Because I have no idea how my wife created something so delicious.  The only way that specific meal will be passed along, is if my wife tells someone how she made it.

Or shares with them the ingredients.

Or invites someone to eat with us and walks them through how the meal is made.

You see, we can’t make disciples, if we aren’t disciples ourselves, first.  Making disciples must begin with disciples.

Making disciples requires that we come alongside people.

We give them the ingredients.

We walk through life with them.

We share in the mission of Christ along with them, not above them looking down.

This requires followers of Christ who are committed to first becoming like Christ.  Followers of Christ who are committed to His cause and mission.  Followers of Christ who will give their all (Mark 8:34), everything they are to become like Christ.  And this is no ordinary journey.  Discipleship is all about a continual process of becoming more like the One we claim to love and serve.  It’s about following Jesus into His mission, the mission of reaching people with a message of hope, grace & forgiveness.

We have been invited in to this mission.  And the only way the mission, “Go and make disciples of all nations,” can be accomplished, is if we take discipleship seriously.  We can’t make disciples, if we aren’t disciples ourselves, first.

So what do these disciples look like?  And why is it absolutely essential that you become one?

This and more in future posts.

What do you think about disciples (who they are, what they do)?


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  1. Robyn Anselmi

    Have you been listening in to my comments to my Sunday School class? I have been harping on this very point for several weeks now and encouraging (nagging at) every woman in my class to become a mentor to a younger woman.

  2. Sometimes I think we’re scared we’re going to “mess-up” someone else…getting it all wrong. But isn’t that what faith is all about…taking a risk, being frightened but knowing the outcome will be okay? Being s disciple means you have to be a risk-taker too….

  3. I agree with you Stan. There is so much more to being a disciple of Christ than just getting people to church on Sunday. This post has reminded me of what my role as a Christian should be. Thanks for posting this!

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