Easter Story

What an incredible moment tonight.  It isn’t very often that a dad gets a moment like I had.  Well, I guess they come to fathers and mothers alike, you just have to be ready for them.

I sat down to tell my kids the Easter story tonight.  I wanted to share with them what it is we celebrate and why.  Grant was on my left.  Ashton was on my right.  And Avary was sitting attentively on my lap.

It started simple; God, Jesus, Bible.  All the “Sunday School” stuff.

Then I started talking specifically about Jesus.

Me- “About 2000 years ago, some men killed Jesus.”

Avary threw her hands over her mouth and said, “Oh no.”

Me- “It’s okay.  I need to finish telling you the story.  These men put Jesus on a cross and they killed Him.”

Avary with her hands still over her mouth and eyes tearing up.  “But I loved Jesus and now He’s dead.”

Me- “Let me finish the story.  It gets better.”

Ashton- “How did He die?’

Me- “They put Him on a cross and crucified Him.  They put nails in His hands and feet and He died.  That was 2000 years ago.  Then something happened that we will celebrate tomorrow morning.  He rose from the dead.”

Avary finally removes her hands from her mouth.  Her whole face lit up and she said, “Oh, I’m so happy.”  She dropped her head on my chest, hugged and kissed me.  Then said, “I love Jesus.”

Isn’t that just how life is?  If Jesus was dead, we would have no hope.

Nothing to live for.

Nothing to look forward to.

Nothing to live for past our own death.

But then, Jesus rose from the grave through the power of God.  And now, there is hope.

Our hands can fall from our faces.

Our eyes can light up.

And we can say, “I’m so happy.  I love Jesus.”

Happy Easter!  I hope you know why you celebrate.


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  1. So sweet. My babies teach me so much about faith and how to love. Thanks for telling them the story again. 🙂

  2. That is a special girl you have!!!

  3. mindy Christison

    OH MY GOODNESS!! That is so precious,I had chills reading it.Happy Easter and God Bless.Love to u all.

  4. Robin Wheaton

    What a wonderful story! I love Jesus too. And you guys. Happy Easter!

  5. This is so awesome. I got teary reading this… I could just imagine her little sweet face. You have wonderful kids! Wish we were closer so we could visit you guys more often!!!

  6. April Bennett

    Best Easter message, ever!! What a wonderful visualization of the meaning of Easter.

  7. We shared the story with the girls last night and Elena was crushed that Jesus died in such a horrible way, she said it would give her nightmares, but when we explained that we were happy because Jesus “beat” death by rising and giving us Heaven, she said “Oh, I’ll dream about that instead”!!! Love it…

  8. Love this story!! Way too precious! I got teary when Kendy read it to me! I love my grandbabies. Give them hugs!

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