Rodda Family Blog Update!

Rodda Family

Rodda Family

This blog is finally set up like I would like it.  I think I will leave it, at least for a little while.  That is to say, until my low “S” kicks in and I get bored with it.

The blog that has a new look is my wife’s blog, Five Roddas.  This is the blog my wife uses for our family.  People can keep up with our family pictures and some of the latest and greatest things that Ashton says.  🙂  Plus all kinds of other fun, Rodda family fun.


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Posted on March 8, 2010, in the culture. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. This is a really neat blog. I’m jealous. Ron <

  2. 🙂 Which one? Mine or my wife’s? ha ha

    • That wasn’t very clear was it! I mean I’m jealous of Misty’s site. <

      • culturalawakening

        🙂 That’s okay. Just wanted to be sure. I assumed that, but assuming usually gets me in trouble. She did a very good job with it. She just finished some edits on it today. Also, she just posted a brand new blog as well. So, there you go. Thanks for checking it out Ron.

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