New Home! New Team!

When it comes right down to it, I will always be a Chiefs fan.  However, with our recent move to the east coast, I want to try and at least enjoy the football out here.  It’s a great way to connect with the sports, as well as the people here.  With that being said, I created a poll to help me decide on a new team to root for here on the east coast.  I need you to vote.  Then vote again.  After you have voted, feel free to vote again.  The poll will close soon.  The team with the most votes when the poll closes is the team I’ll be cheering for. As a side note: I won’t ever cheer for the Patriots. So don’t bother adding them into the “other” blank (that means you Mr. Johnson).


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Posted on January 5, 2010, in the culture. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. billyjohnsonlive

    wow. i just wasted 5 minutes voting and re-voting. but seriously, if you won’t pull for the Pats, you gotta jump on the Ravens train. They are one of the hardest hitting, exciting teams in the NFL right now. With the ever solid defense (admittedly headed up by a murderer) and a rookie QB who is looking GREAT, the next couple of years should be awesome in Baltimore.

  2. I would vote for TeamRadioShack but it is not on here. So I voted for the Steelers (I am a born and bred Pittsburgh native). But I also find my interests in cycling not any of the other sports (although I do follow the Pirates in baseball…for the first week or so when they are eliminated). 🙂 But if I was to choose a football team I would say Steelers.

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