YouVersion! is a great site for those who are interested in reading Scripture on a daily basis.  It also helps to connect you with others who are reading the same Scripture.  You can read other’s comments, learn from them and input your own ideas.  I love having YouVersion available for spending time with God.  I posted this a while back on my YouVersion account.  I had read Matthew 17 and was inspired by it.  So, check it out and let me know what you think.

“There has just been a lot of good reading on YouVersion.  This section of Scripture I am so intrigued by.  Second to the post-resurrection appearances, this has to be a time when the disciples see Jesus the most clearly.  This has to be a chance for them to see Him for who He really is.  When some of the greatest prophets of their entire faith appear, Elijah and Moses, next to Jesus, enveloped by a bright white cloud and Jesus starts shining like the sun (and they didn’t have any Oakley’s to shade the eyes) and the voice of God speaks to them.  This is a huge moment in their journey with Jesus Christ.

Is it me or does anyone else want to see Jesus that clearly?  Sometimes I want Him to appear to me, shining like the sun, enveloped in a white cloud, maybe standing next to Tom Osborne and Johnny Rodgers.  Then just tell me what’s going on.  Just lay it on the line for me.  “This is who I am, Stan. Get it?”  Yep, I got it that time.  Show me who You are.  Reveal Yourself to me I pray.  Show me Your glory.  Let me walk and live in the light that You created.  Help me to see You as You really are.

I don’t have to see Jesus this way to believe in Him.  I just want to experience the fullness of who He is.  This seems like a pretty good way to do that.  Matthew 17:1-13


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