Foggy Mentality!

I have been preaching through a series of messages called, “Visibility Zero.”  The purpose is to show that there are many things that we allow into our lives that prevent us from seeing clearly.  We have broken down worry, discontent, unforgiving spirit, anger and favoritism.  All of these things prevent us from seeing life as God intended us to see it.  They simply keep us in the fog.

Just yesterday I spoke on favoritism.  And I found this video illustration that I think near-perfectly captures the church’s mentality.  It’s a deadly mentality.  A mentality that I believe reflects in the overall sense that the church in North America is in decline.  More on that maybe in a later post.  In the meantime, watch this humorous video that I played in church on Sunday.  SermonSpice is one of my favorite places to find illustrations like this.  They do a great job over there  putting resources together.  Click here to watch.  See you after the jump.  Don’t forget to comment.


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  1. Stan;
    that was a great video, I’ll have to use it sometime. There’s another one that goes along those lines called “mechurch.”


  2. culturalawakening

    Yeah, the Me Church video is great too. I may find a way to use that one at some point as well.

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