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Cultural Awakening has been up and running for a little over a month now.  I feel that there has been some great discussion and comments given to the different posts we have had.  At this point I have failed to mention the team of contributors that I have pulled together to help me write different blogs from different perspectives.  I know, I can’t see every side of any given argument.  Heartbreaking, I understand.  I want CA (Cultural Awakening) to have a broad perspective on different issues surrounding the church today in our culture and world.  For that reason I have added not only different contributors, but also different topics that I believe will help give the readers of CA see and read different perspectives on the church.  So without making you wait any longer, I want to introduce the contributors who have agreed to help the CA blog.

Billy Johnson

Billy Johnson

Being a Christian is supposed to influence every area of our lives.  Not just Sunday morning from 10-11 am (or whatever time your worship services are).  One of the areas that I want CA to focus on is the area of family and discipleship.  This area is all about the day to day living and being a Christian.  My main contributor for this area is Billy Johnson.  AKA “The Kid Preacher” also attended the greatest Bible College in the United States, “Thee Central Christian College of the Bible.”  🙂  I have enjoyed reading his blog posts and have admired his positive attitude and respect for his family.  I think he is a great candidate to give us some great advice on how to BE a Christian on a daily basis, especially within the context of our closest relationships.  Thanks Billy!


Ryan Green

An area often overlooked by followers of Christ is our world of entertainment.  Everything from movies to music.  What’s out there anyway?  Does it really make a difference in our Christian lives anyway?  My friend Ryan Green will be answering these questions.  IMHO, Ryan is one of the best writers that I know personally.  I thoroughly enjoy reading his thoughts and listening to his music.  He is one of the most talented people I know.  I am so excited that he has agreed to put some thoughts on CA for me.  I know you will enjoy hearing from him as well.  Ryan is also from “Thee Central Christian College of the Bible.”  Thanks Ryan!

Casey Bell

Casey Bell

And last, but certainly not least, is the area of the church in the world.  What’s going on in missions?  What does the church look like in places that aren’t called the United States?  What challenges does the church face on a global scale?  My friend Casey Bell will be here to help us understand this more.  You can read his blog over at “Tryin’ to think it thru.”  Casey has been a friend of mine for a long time now.  I would describe him as someone with a genuine, servant’s heart.  He is one of the most humble men that I have ever had the privilege of getting to know.  I am very much looking forward to what he brings to the table at CA.  I think his thoughts will be eye-opening to the followers of Christ here in America who may not have a good idea of what is going on around the world.  God’s Kingdom spans nations and people outside of the United States.  We should not lose focus of that.  And go figure, Casey is also from “Thee Central Christian College of the Bible.”  Thanks Casey!

So these are my guys.  You can look forward to reading more from them in the future.  You can read and hear their hearts as they attempt to work alongside many others in building God’s Kingdom.


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