Choose Community!

I have been trying to come up with something creative to add to the blog.  Maybe a great new idea that no one else has ever thought of.  A blog that would be so earth shattering that everyone in the entire world would read it, believe it and change their lives to live by it.  Okay, so I think that was a dream I had the other night.  However, I do want to try and keep things fresh.  I want to post thoughts and ideas that are relevant and that can help people who are in the church world as well as those who aren’t.  I want to use this space to open up a dialogue about culture and spiritual elements.

I was browsing another blog that I follow and ran across something that I thought was amazing.  Rather than try and rewrite it to make it my own, I figured the best thing to do would be to offer you a link to go and read it.  I think this blog speaks true to so many of us in the church world.  I hope that if you are involved in a church in any way, that you will follow this link and read this blog.  There are some great elements to it and I want to thank Mark Beeson for posting it.  So here it is.  Head over there and check it out.


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