All Things In Common

It is so interesting to read through the book of Acts.  Early on in the church’s history we see a phenomenon develop that will supersede even the culture around the church.  Scripture teaches that the early church had “all things in common,” Acts 2:44.

amputees_running_lgRecently I have taken up my running again.  I have run a few miles at a time.  I have also added some swimming to my mix of workouts.  My ultimate goal is to work my way up to a triathlon.  I think I can do it.  A couple weeks ago there was a triathlon in my town.  A friend of mine who runs in them told me she would be coming by our place about 2 pm.  So our family went outside to watch the racers run by our house.  I was completely amazed at what I saw.  I didn’t see an over abundance of Lance Armstrong’s or Simon Whitfield’s.  There were no world renown athletes at this particular event.  However, there was something that I noticed, something that I think the church would be wise to learn from.  The runners in this race had “all things in common.”

The competitor’s had just finished a small up hill burst as they turned the corner in front of our house.  Two male runners came around the corner.  One of the runners was about 15 feet behind.  Coming up the hill, the runner who was leading was not a particularly strong, hill runner.  He began gasping for breath.  The runner who was behind began to close the gap between himself and this other runner.  Right in front of my house the runner who was behind on the hill came up strong and began to pass the runner who had been leading him up the hill.  As the second runner passed, I saw him do something that admittedly, I would probably never do.  He patted his competition on the back and encouraged him to stick with it.  I watched those two men run the rest of the way down our street.  I was completely amazed by this act of sportsmanship.

I want to see a church in action like that.  I want to see it!  I want to witness it!  I want to feel, sense, taste and smell it!  I want to, experience it!  When I falter, I don’t want a church full of people who pass me by and throw it in my face.  I want a church full of people that are right there to pat me on the back and encourage me to keep going.  Why?  Because we, of all people, should have all things in common.

The common element we share is in the man, Jesus Christ.  The God man who began a revolutionary relationship between God’s creation and God Himself.

Do you feel your church shares “all things in common?”  In what ways would you like to see your church begin to act out the “all things in common” passage of Acts?  What thoughts would you like to add?


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  1. Marilyn Medica

    I attend a Catholic church, and my son attends a Catholic H.S. Do I have a sense of “all things in common?” No, not by a long mile. What I see is competition…to have the best job, the biggest house, make the most money; at school, I see an obessive focus on grades, sports, a measure of value on who gets into the best colleges. It’s draining. I’m convinced most people feel terribly stressed and lonely. A 16 year-old at his school attempted suicide last week and remains in a coma. I don’t have any idea what drove a young boy to such drastic measures, but something is clearly wrong.

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