Church Marketing!

At Beyond Relevance, there is a great blog entitled, “What if Starbucks Marketed Like the Church?”  It’s a funny parody about how many people in the culture perceive the church.  I wanted to share the video with you here, but want you to know that the people over at Beyond Relevance are truly genius when it comes to the church and marketing it in the culture.  Please, visit their blog as well.  After you watch the video, let me know what you think.  See how many interesting things you can find in the video that churches often use.  For instance, fonts, posters, guest ministry tactics.  Let me know how accurate you think the video is to many churches today.  I’m looking forward to seeing the discussion build on this.


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  1. Hey, this is a great video, and in response to your comment: you make an excellent point about ‘it’ in the church. It kind of takes the heat off of trying to gain numbers when you try to concentrate on forming an atmosphere of Christ that perpetuates itself.

  2. To what can I compare this generation? they are like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling out to others: “we played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not morn.”

    For the 1950’s church came with neither guitars or adobe creative suite, and they say do better catch up, the contemporary church comes with amps, candles, and coffee, and they say poorly done, your worse than before.

  3. appreciate the posts stan keep them coming.

  4. …is anyone else growing tired of the “how to do church” discussion?

    • culturalawakening

      I’m not sure exactly where you want to go with your question, but I am tired of that question as well. I think at some level it has to be answered. However, I’m growing tired of “church” in general. I would much rather talk in depth about people and being the “church.” I think when people are focused on being Jesus, the “church” will take care of itself.

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