Not a Christian Nation?

Can it really be that America has really changed that much?  Our President has recently stated that we are not a Christian nation.  That we are just a nation that has our foundation in a set of values.  Now, I could easily argue that this “set of values” is rooted in Judeo-Christian beliefs.  I could also argue that many of our founders, although technically Deists, very much had a faith in God and founded our nation around the principles and laws found in the Ten Commandments.  That is an argument for another blog by someone else.

Here is the question that I want to ask Christ followers and the church in America; how will we respond?  If any response at all, what is it that the church should do?  The culture around us is changing so rapidly and is quickly moving away from a Christian worldview.  The church should not respond vocally in my opinion.  Starting a protest or some rally will only continue to stir up the sentiment that we are somehow hateful people, always looking for a fight, wanting to show what we are against.  In my humble opinion, this is a great opportunity for the church to shine.  We are the light of the world.  A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.  I read that somewhere.

This is an unbelievable opportunity for the church to respond with grace and class.  An opportunity for us to go into our world and be the hands and feet of Jesus.  To show the rest of our nation and the world that there is a God and He is very much alive.  And that we are ready to serve Him no matter what comes our way.  I believe that the church has a chance to shine right now, bright as ever, as long as we use the opportunity correctly.  We need to make the most of this opportunity.


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